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Monday, 28 May 2012


Today has been awesome. We held an hour of prayer at Stanford le Hope Salvation Army at 12 noon it was good to see folk from the Army and it was great to see people joining with us from other churches in the area. There were various prayer spaces encouraging people to pray for local churches and schools, the Jubilee Celebrations and the Olympics. There was also an opportunity to send a card to someone to let them know that they had been prayed for. Finally there were 60 one minute prayer prompts on a PowerPoint presentation from Fresh Expressions. Meditative music was played in the background as people prayed silently. I have attached a few photos for you to see.
Life as a Salvation Army officer is varied, this afternoon I did a funeral pastoral visit, and then to finish the day off did the cash books and counted money with my treasurer.
After dinner this evening I have spent time cutting out 'crowns' for cup cake wrappers for the weekend. I have managed to cut out 25 so only another 75 to go!!!!!!

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