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Monday, 17 September 2012

Well everything is getting back to normal after the summer break. All the programme at the corps has re-commenced, however there will be some fine tuning of this programe over the next few weeks.

I have started my training to be  tutor of chair based Activities and it is going quite well, although there is a lot to learn before my assessment on October 6, also I need to get my home work, lessons plans and risk assessments completed. I am off to Chatham again on Saturday for a full day of seminars.

I also start another course on September 29, this is for leading new types of ministry within the church and is called Fresh Expressions,the course last a year and is based at Bluewater in Kent.

Spetember in the Salvation Army, is the time for our door to door collecting, I am pleased to report that with my little band of helpers this task has been completed. However on the last evening I had a bad fall, spraining my left ankle, and damaging my right hand and arm, normally this would not be a problem but due to the surgery I have had on my right side, this meant that the would would not heal properly, so last Friday I made my way to the Doctors in Stanford for the first time since I arrived, and was prescribed some antibiotics to hel with the healing process. I was making good progress until last night when unfortunately I had another fall damaging the same ankle and hand. I am now wearing an ankle support to help my ankle heal and hopefully get stronger.

On the craft front I have not had a lot of spare time but I have managed to make 50 Christmas Tree decorations for our Christmas Fayre on Saturday November 10.

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